Mesh Line

We have the ability to supplying our client complete mesh line or only mesh machine and all the machines relating to the manufacture mesh filters:

  • Complete mesh line full automatic. Our company producing and supply and all kind of complete mesh line Full or same automatic mesh size from 100mm width to 1250mm as the customer request.  Line consists of a number of machinery-related PLC systems and operates synchronously.It can operate the machines individually
  1. De- coiler as the capacity request
  2. Mesh machine from 600mm -1250mm
  3. Flatting machine
  4. Feeding machine
  5. Sleeting machine
  6. De- coiler.

As the photo in P 1 and the video

  • Mesh machine manual one.

Its only on machine can use for simple job  and size start from 600mm-1000mm- 1250mm- 1500mm  as the photo p 3  and machine video.

  • Automatic circular mesh machine.

This type of machine is new Technology can do the filter mesh as the Diameter Size and filter length of filter these machines are characterized by high precision in terms of measurements as well and high speed in production. It is possible to manufacture the filter length of 1.5 meters and a diameter up to500 mm.

  • Automatic cutting and bending mesh machine.

This machine is new Technology you can cut and high and the length of the filter mesh and bending its will be ready weld.

  • Welding machine for mesh spot welding machine and seem welding machine. As in the photo p 7 –p8
  • Shear machine its cutting thickens is 1.0mm as in the photo 171.



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